Fishers Take Aim At FFMC Executive

Friday, May 06, 2005 at 15:18



Several northern fishers are voicing their displeasure over the current state of affairs at the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation.


At a conference yesterday in Prince Albert, members of Saskatchewan Co-operative Fisheries took aim at current FFMC head Bob Hand.


The fishers told Hand they feel shut out by the corporation over a number of issues — particularly the effort to build a new fish processing plant in Prince Albert.


As well, a number of fishers are angry at the corporation for sending fish to China for de-boning, and then shipping them back for sale.


Norman Constant is a fisher from The Pas, Manitoba. He says problems like this only serve to discourage young northerners from joining the profession.


Constant says he hopes some good news comes out of this week’s conference, or he may be forced to re-think his options.