Fishers Split Over Future Role of FFMC

Friday, May 06, 2005 at 15:22



The president of Saskatchewan Co-operative Fisheries says things are looking a little better today for northern fishers.


John Carriere says a recent meeting with provincial government leaders has convinced him the province is indeed on board when it comes to making a proposed fish processing facility in Prince Albert a reality.


The province today committed $20,000 to help the fishers develop a business plan for the plant.


As well, Carriere says officials with the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation are renewing their pledge to help the fishers build the facility.


However, some fishers at this week’s meeting doubt whether the FFMC will come through for them.


They feel the Crown corporation was completely caught off guard by the co-op’s ability to find money to build the plant.


A few want the co-op to break away from the FFMC and form their own association.


However, Carriere won’t entertain thoughts that the plant won’t get built.


He says it’s simply a matter of when that will happen.