Fish Population A Concern At Montreal Lake

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 14:58



A fisheries specialist in Prince Albert says changes need to happen soon on four northern lakes before they are fished out.


Murray Koob of Saskatchewan Environment says studies have shown walleye populations are down dramatically in Montreal Lake, as well as Bittern Lake, Tobin Lake and Weyakwin.


Koob says catch limits will likely have to be reduced on all those water bodies.


He says Montreal Lake may even have to take a break from commercial fishing.


Koob says all the possible scenarios will be discussed with stakeholders before next year, which is when the department would like to introduce the changes.


He says subsistence fishers look to be relatively unaffected at this point.


Meanwhile, a small lake near Flin Flon could be offering small-mouthed bass fishing as early as next year.


Koob says the government may allow anglers to visit the lake if fish schools continue to reproduce.


However, he cautions any fishing would have very strict limits imposed on it, and the idea is still far from reality.


Small-mouthed bass are prized by anglers for their ability to fight for long stretches of time.


They were introduced to Konuto Lake back in 1998.