First Nations Veterans Gather In Prince Albert

Friday, January 16, 2009 at 13:12



First nations veterans are hoping to receive some help at their annual gathering in Prince Albert.


Colonel Patrick Stogran, the country’s ombudsman for veterans affairs, is scheduled to address them this morning.


FSIN vice-chief Glen Pratt says they hope Stogran can help arrange a meeting with the federal minister.


Pratt says he’s hoping vets can still receive some compensation for their time in service.


He says they recently received a twenty-thousand dollar payment but it doesn’t address many of the benefits they were supposed to receive and haven’t.


Other issues being discussed at this week’s gathering include the need to eliminate income tax on veterans pensions, cutting through red-tape to get to benefits and fundraising.


Meantime one veteran says he disagrees with the city of Saskatoon’s recent decision to revoke parking privileges for veterans.


Ray Sanderson says many vets stand to lose out over the move and he’s hoping mayor Don Atchison will reverse the decision.


Sanderson adds the number of veterans is getting smaller and smaller.


Just this week a funeral was held for Earl Dodds who served in the second world war.


Sanderson estimates there are only about 5 first nations vets left in the province who served in that campaign.