First Nations Official Worried About Metis Ruling

Tuesday, November 04, 2003 at 14:55



A councillor with the Canoe Lake First Nation says he would like to see the FSIN and the province’s 3 main political parties pay more attention to new developments that could potentially have an impact on treaty rights.


Leonard Iron says the recent Powley decision giving out-of-season hunting rights to Metis people is something that should be carefully examined by First Nations officials.


Iron thinks it could potentially open the way for more challenges to what traditionally has been an exclusive right for First Nations hunters.


Iron says he has nothing against the Metis, noting many of his relatives are members of that community, but he does worry their recent court victory could lead to even more people venturing onto First Nations’ traditional lands.


Iron says he doesn’t know why the FSIN is staying silent on the issue.


He also wants to hear what the three main parties’ platforms are for dealing with the subject of treaties should they get elected