First Nations Escalate Protests Against Enbridge

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 14:07



Two more Enbridge pipeline sites in Saskatchewan have been occupied by First Nations today.


Yesterday, a group set up camp near Kerrobert — and today, protestors began demonstrations at sites near White City and Glenavon in the hopes of getting a meeting with the president of the company and Saskatchewan’s premier.


A similar demonstration by Treaty 4 chiefs took place on Sunday just outside Regina.


Chief Sheldon Wuttunee of the Red Pheasant First Nation says they have had a few quick talks with Enbridge officials over the last day, and it looks like the company is currently drafting a proposal.


Wuttunee adds the protests will continue until the First Nations affected by the pipeline start benefiting from the development.


Wuttunee says it’s not enough to be given some jobs on the pipeline.


He says First Nations want revenue sharing from any development taking place on their traditional lands.


Company officials are sending workers home at the site near Kerrobert.


Enbridge spokewoman Gina Jordan says the company has had public consultations over the past two years with many Aboriginal groups.


Jordan won’t comment on Enbridge’s position regarding revenue sharing, saying it is a federal issue.