FFMC’s Pledge To Fishers Greeted With Cynicism

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 14:52



The head of the commercial fishers co-op in Saskatchewan is taking issue with some recent statements from officials with the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation.


Last week, a new fishers’ group in Manitoba announced its formation and emphasized to the FFMC the fishers’ desire for regional processing.


FFMC president Bob Hand assured the fishers that corporation policies provide for the establishment of regional processing plants. Hand also said the FFMC would be willing to consider any initiatives the fishers may present.


Cumberland House fisher John Carriere says Saskatchewan fishers have been hearing the same thing from the FFMC for years, but a long-awaited fish processing plant in Prince Albert is still in limbo.


The fishers have secured the financing for the $4-million facility, but the FFMC and the fishers are at odds over production quotas on certain species of fish — and Carriere is placing the blame squarely on the FFMC.


Meanwhile, Carriere is glad the Manitoba fishers have organized themselves into one body. He hopes they will be able to put additional pressure on the FFMC and various levels of government.