Federal NDP Promises Support For All-Weather Roads

Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 15:42



The NDP candidate in northern Saskatchewan says her party will do its best to make sure an all-weather road network gets constructed in the Far North.


Anita Jackson says federal NDP leader Jack Layton has discussed the issue with her, and she says he is committed to improving infrastructure in northern Canada.


Jackson says she knows her party may not actually form government, but it will be in an ideal spot to take a ruling minority government to task if the feds don’t deliver on issues that matter to northerners.


Jackson notes she heard from Athabasca residents during a recent trip there about how important a new road network is to them, and she says she wants to help.


She adds children and elders are the ones who stand to lose out the most if the all-weather road network doesn’t get built.


Jackson was responding to a questionnaire created by the Athabasca Economic Development and Training Corporation, which essentially asks all three parties to lay out their platforms in regards to the all-weather roads issue.