Father Demands Answers From Montreal Lake ICFS

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 at 15:18



A band member from the Montreal Lake Cree Nation says he wants more information about his children’s welfare inside a foster home.


The man — who cannot be identified — claims to have spotted bruises on one of his children’s arms during a visit last week, and he worries about their situation.


He also claims to have trouble accessing information regarding their care.


However, a supervisor with the band’s child and family services section says all parents have to do if they want answers is call.


Janet Okemah says her staff do not hide any details from parents who have children in care, but she stresses her office must be contacted by the parents directly before information pertaining to their case can be released.


However, Okemah also says parents must realize the agency is unable to provide the phone number and address of where the children are, unless staff receive the consent of the foster parents.


Okemah adds children will be yanked out of a foster home if there is any sign of physical mistreatment, and an investigation will be launched.


She also says emergency homes exist for kids who have been taken out of foster homes and need someplace to go.


The Montreal Lake ICFS agency was at the centre of the Baby Andy controversy a few years ago, but has since implemented new protective measures with the help of the provincial government.