Family Forced To Leave Reserve After Home Flooded

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 at 15:04



A sewage backup that’s flooded their house is forcing a family from Black Lake to relocate to Prince Albert.


Audrey Sandypoint, her husband, and her two teenaged daughters lost their home last Wednesday because of a problem at a nearby pumphouse.


Sandypoint says their home is under a foot of water and raw sewage, ruining most of their belongings.


The band has admitted responsibility and has promised to build the family a new home by next year.


Chief Donald Sayazie says he’s also apologized to the family.


Because Black Lake has a severe housing shortage, the family has been told they will have to rent a place in Prince Albert — with the band footing the bill.


Sandypoint says it’s been very tough coming to grips with their situation and the fact they have to leave their home community.


Sayazie says he’s waiting to hear from insurance adjustors to see if the home is still salvageable.


Either way, he says the family’s new home will be situated in a different part of Black Lake.