Exploration Activity Heating Up Near Cigar Lake

Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 14:21



A spokesman for a major uranium company in the province says his firm is seriously examining whether to build an exploration mine shaft in a northwest Saskatchewan.


AREVA Resources spokesman Alun Richards says the site in question is located fifteen kilometres south of the old Cluff Lake mine site.


The Shea Creek exploration project has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks.


Although nothing has been finalized, Richards says small drill rigs have already been exploring a strip of land 30 kilometres in length.


Richards says a lot of study needs to happen before anything is built, and if it does go ahead, it will take years.


AREVA is receiving support on the project idea from U.E.X. Corporation, another major exploration company.


Richards expects that if a commercial venture was ever built at the site, work crews at the mine could simply use the Cluff Lake road to haul supplies in and out.