Evacuee Shelter Volunteers Showing Signs Of Stress

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 14:26



A call is going out for members of the public to relieve volunteers at the forest fire evacuation centre in La Ronge.


Lac La Ronge Indian Band executive director Russ Mirasty says the current volunteers are becoming fatigued.


Over 1,900 evacuees have passed through the Jonas Roberts Memorial Community Centre, but a few hundred have chosen to stay behind.


Mirasty hopes those remaining evacuees in La Ronge start heading to Saskatoon to help relieve some of the stress on volunteers at the La Ronge evacuation center.


Mirasty adds the overall morale of the evacuees is suprisingly good, except for a few of those who remain behind who are growing anxious and bored.


He notes activities have been planned for children, adults and elders in Saskatoon, which is why many evacuees are being encouraged to go on to that city.


Mirasty says anyone wanting to volunteer can simply check in at the JRMCC hall in La Ronge.