Environmental Damage from Fuel Spill Unknown

Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 13:00



Environment officials are keeping a close eye on the site of a massive fuel spill in Saskatchewan’s Far North.


A fuel tanker overturned on the Athabasca Seasonal Road between Stony Rapids and Points North over the weekend — spilling 9-thousand litres of gasoline and 300 litres of fuel oil on the road and into both ditches.


The road was temporarily closed to allow for an initial clean-up, but has since been re-opened.


Saskatchewan Environment spokesman Jim Brandt says the department is still assessing the environmental risk.


Brandt says the spill is close to a water body, but so far the fuel has not come into contact with the water and ditches have been dug to prevent that from happening.


Brandt also says they’re continuing to monitor the area for potentially explosive vapours from the fuel leak.


The RCMP says the driver of the fuel tanker received only bumps and bruises.


The investigation into the cause of the accident continues.