Environmental Damage From Fuel Spill Still Unclear

Friday, December 05, 2008 at 15:25



Even though a northern Saskatchewan highway has been re-opened following a fuel spill earlier this week — the work continues to minimize the effects of the spill.


A private contractor hired to clean-up the estimated 15,000 litres of gas and diesel that leaked when a fuel tanker overturned early Wednesday morning is still on site — and Saskatchewan Environment expects crews will be there for another day or two.


The spill took place on Highway 102, roughly 40 kilometres north of La Ronge, near Sucker River.


There is a lake with fish and other wildlife near where the accident took place, but Saskatchewan Environment spokesperson Jeanette Krayetski says most of the fuel spilled into the ditch on the other side of the highway.


Krayetski estimates roughly 10 per cent of the fuel leaked into the lakeside ditch — but not directly into the lake.


She says the area will be monitored for several months, and tests will be conducted in the spring when everything thaws.