Encana Promises More Visits to Uranium City

Friday, June 04, 2004 at 14:11



An Alberta oil company left a positive impression in Uranium City yesterday.


Officials from Encana were in the community to address issues related to the abandoned Laredo mill site, which sits on land owned by the company.


A government study released a couple of years ago stated that the site posed a risk to the environment and to human health.


Northern Mines Monitoring Secretariat spokesperson Betty Hutchinson says yesterday’s meeting was well attended by the community.


Hutchinson says the community seemed generally pleased that Encana has agreed to address and rectify a number of issues — including the concern about tailings blowing from the mill site.


No dates have been set related to the start of preliminary clean-up efforts, but Hutchinson notes most of the work will have to wait until all of the ice is gone.


Hutchinson says Encana has promised to conduct more community meetings before it takes any further action.