Employees at P.A. pulp mill reach tentative deal

Monday, April 19, 2004 at 16:36



It looks as though a strike at Weyerhaeuser¹s pulp and paper mill in Prince Albert might be avoided after all. It was earlier this month that unionized workers at the mill voted ninety-six percent in favour of job action if they didn¹t receive a new contract. Over six hundred of the mill¹s employees have been without a deal since June of 2003 and have been threatening to strike if one isn¹t negotiated. However late Friday night, talks between union reps and management produced a tentative agreement between the two sides that could halt any potential job-action in its tracks. Company spokesman for Weyerhaeuser, Wayne Roznowsky, says all that¹s left now is for workers to give the deal their stamp of approval. Roznowsky wouldn¹t comment on any of the terms being discussed. However a letter published in a Prince Albert newspaper a few weeks ago stated workers

were not happy about the company¹s plan to cut up to one hundred and thirty union jobs this year. An informational meeting for the workers to learn the terms of the deal will be held on Monday.