Elder Promises No Punishment For Pipes Thief

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 13:09



A First Nations elder in Saskatoon is still hoping for the safe return of three ceremonial pipes.


The pipes were stolen from Joseph Naytowhow’s vehicle last month when someone smashed out a window of the car and grabbed the bag containing the family heirlooms.


Naytowhow says that while he hasn’t lost hope, he was expecting that the pipes would be returned by now.


He adds that he would not go to the police if the items were brought back to him.


However, he thinks it would be good for the person responsible to help in a sweat lodge so they can understand the significance of their actions.


Naytowhow says that it is not in him to give up, so he will keep believing that the Creator will see that the pipes are returned.