Durocher New Chief at Flying Dust

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 at 14:04



A former chief at the Flying Dust First Nation is once again back in charge.


Percy Durocher has been elected the new chief at Flying Dust in a landslide.


He replaces outgoing chief Rico Mirasty, who chose not to run for another term.


Durocher has been serving as a band councillor the last few years.


He beat out fellow candidates Marlene Frigon and Leon Matchee.


Durocher captured 219 votes, compared to Frigon’s 52 votes and the 48 votes garnered by Matchee.


Durocher will be working with a band council that is mostly made up of newcomers.


Jim Norman was the only incumbent to hang on to his seat on council.


He’s joined by former band manager Richard Durocher, former housing committee member Richard Bear and former band accounting worker Murray Gladue.