Draude Defends Lack Of Beauval Coal Consultation

Monday, February 02, 2009 at 14:19



The province’s Minister of First Nations and Metis Relations believes concerns over a possible coal project near Beauval have been addressed.


June Draude recently met with Metis leaders in the area, where she answered a number of questions related to when the duty to consult process actually kicks in.


Draude says there are a number of different “triggers” regarding the duty to conult in relation to forestry, mining and gas exploration.


She says the reason why government didn’t consult with the Metis in this case was because talks had already taken place regarding forestry — and the plans for the coal exploration were still up in the air.


Draude says the government has to make sure exploration will actually take place before it raises everyone’s expectatations.


She notes the government handed out 20,000 exploration permits last year alone.


Draude says she is happy with how the meeting went, and adds everyone seems to be on the same page.


Beauval Mayor Alex Maurice was not immediately available for comment.