Draude Apologizes To MN-S Over Provincial Budget

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 16:49



The Minister of First Nations and Metis Relations admits the provincial government made a mistake when it only referred to Metis people once in the recent budget speech.


June Draude says she should have explained to more of her colleagues that Metis people shouldn’t be referred to as “First Nations” or “Aboriginal”.


Metis Nation – Saskatchewan President Robert Doucette has expressed disappointment with the oversight.


Draude says she has called Doucette to try to make amends.


She is also defending the government’s decision to cut programs for Aboriginal people and northerners.


Draude says the $1.5 million annual allocation to the First Nations and Metis Business Development Program is being stretched over two years due to lack of use.


Meanwhile, the commercial fish transportation subsidy has also been reduced by roughly 25 per cent.


Draude says the new figure better reflects the actual amount fishers are using.


She says although spending in some of her ministry’s areas is down somewhat, she insists it’s being made up in other departments.