Doucette Slams MNS Response To Government Offer

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 at 13:56



An outspoken critic of the current Metis Nation of Saskatchewan leadership feels the time for negotiations is over.


Robert Doucette is reacting to reports MNS officials want to sit down and discuss the provincial government’s latest proposal to restore funding to the troubled organization.


MNS leaders appear willing to hold a Metis Nation Legislative Assembly, a general assembly and a new election, but they are balking at the government requirement that the vote be overseen by a government-appointed electoral officer and an advisory committee.


Doucette says grassroots Metis people won’t accept any arrangement that sees the MNS or its Senate run the new election.


Doucette adds MNS officials should, instead, be focusing their attention on setting a new date for the MNLA.