Doucette Promises Creation of Metis Ombudsman

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 at 13:17



One of the men running for president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan is emphasizing accountability issues during his campaign.


The MNS election takes place tomorrow and Robert Doucette says if he wins the day, Metis citizens can expect to see new accountability measures introduced.


Doucette says, if elected, he will introduce a Metis access to information act that will allow any Metis person in the province the right to see any MNS documents or records.


Doucette is also pledging to work toward the creation of a Metis ombudsman to handle complaints and grievances from Metis people.


Doucette says the time has come to remove the burden of dispute resolution from the shoulders of Metis elders.


Doucette also promises to let Metis people set the MNS agenda for the next few years through public consultations.


Doucette is running against Dwayne Roth and Alex Maurice.


His running mates include vice president candidate Bob McLeod, treasurer candidate Gabe Lafond and secretary candidate May Henderson.