Doucette May Start New Metis Organization

Monday, August 16, 2004 at 14:20



The man who was initially declared president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan in this spring’s vote says he may try to form a new organization if the MNS sticks with the status quo.


Robert Doucette argued his case before the three senators making up the Metis Election Commission last Friday at the Prince Albert Inn.


The senators chairing the appeals are expected to announce their decision in the coming weeks.


Doucette says he’s not satisfied with how last week’s appeals process was carried out.


He still can’t understand why no ballot boxes or tally sheets were accepted into evidence by the commission.


Doucette says there has been some indication the boxes will be looked at during the next Metis Nation Legislative Assembly, but he says election appeals that are brought up at MNLAs almost always get dismissed before they are heard.


Doucette says Metis residents should do what they can to assist Keith Lampard, the investigator the government appointed to examine the Metis election.