Doucette and Maurice Join Forces to Stage Rally

Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 13:40



Metis people who have a beef with this year’s Metis election in this province are being invited to a rally in Prince Albert on Saturday.


It’s being hosted by the two men that lost to Dwayne Roth in the race for president — Robert Doucette and Alex Maurice.


Like Maurice, Doucette is anxiously awaiting the release of the government-commissioned report into the election.


However, Doucette points out that Roth has stated the MNS executive and senate will ignore the Lampard report, even if it means losing out on government funding.


Doucette says this Saturday’s meeting will present a good opportunity for disenchanted Metis citizens to plan ahead for that possible scenario.


Maurice says he and Doucette keep on getting calls from disgruntled Metis, and feels the rally is a good opportunity to put that unrest into action.


The rally is set to take place at the Parkland Hall Saturday afternoon, beginning at 1 o’clock.