Doucette Allowed to Participate in MNS Appeals

Monday, August 09, 2004 at 14:51



A Metis senator has confirmed that MNS presidential candidate Robert Doucette will be allowed to speak this week at the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan appeal hearings in Prince Albert.


The hearings began this morning and are scheduled to run through until Thursday afternoon.


Last month’s hearings schedule did not have Doucette’s name on it, but last Friday, MNS Senator Gilbert Pelletier stated Doucette would be allowed to attend Thursday’s session.


That is when current MNS president Dwayne Roth is scheduled to speak.


Doucette was initially declared the winner of the vote for president, before the Metis Election Commission abruptly changed its mind the same day and declared Roth the winner.


Kicking off the first day of submissions today is May Henderson, Bob McLeod and Victoria Polsfut.