Dore Lake Road Dispute Not Settled Yet

Friday, January 21, 2005 at 15:10



A trapper in northwest Saskatchewan says he wants a meeting with the provincial highways minister as soon as possible to deal with safety concerns on the road to

Dore Lake.


Jonothan Fonos is the chairman of a committee that was recently struck to deal with Weyerhaeuser and the government over perceived heavy logging traffic on the road to his community.


Fonos says Weyerhaeuser has pulled its trucks off Highway 924 wherever possible and committed to rebuild the road over the next two years.


However, he is concerned that no long-term traffic restrictions have yet to be explained to him.


Meanwhile, Weyerhaeuser forestlands manager Stan Holmes says he regards the rebuilding of the road as fulfilling the long-term effort the community requires.


Holmes says the road will be widened in certain areas and logging traffic will be diverted wherever possible — so, he considers the issue pretty much settled.


He says a meeting will take place on January 26th in the community where grassroots members can come out and see the plan.


Posters advertising it are being sent out.