Dollar Continues To Hurt Trappers

Friday, February 18, 2005 at 14:41



The value of the Canadian dollar continues to hit northern trappers in the pocketbook.


North America’s largest fur buyer just had its February auction, and spokesman Dave Bewick says northern Saskatchewan trappers got 10 per cent less for their pelts just on the exchange rate issue alone.


On the bright side, North American Fur Auctions reports prices for marten pelts went for 20 per cent more than they did at this time last year.


Bewick also says there continues to be huge demand for otter pelts.


Meanwhile, the staple of the Canadian fur industry — the beaver pelt — sold at prices similar to last year.


Bewick says it continues to be a tough item to market given the cost of dressing it, but he’s glad NAFA was at least able to sell 100 per cent of its stock.


Muskrat pelts remained at historically-low levels.