Doctors in La Loche Handed Layoff Notices

Tuesday, November 02, 2004 at 13:23



The Saskatchewan Medical Association has some harsh words for a regional health authority in northern Saskatchewan.


The Keewatin Yathe Regional Health Authority has notified the four doctors it employs in La Loche that their contracts will be terminated on December 7th.


In a news release, the health region says there are plans to ensure physician services for La Loche and surrounding areas are maintained, but Keewatin Yathe wants to put more emphasis on primary health care teams — as alluded to in the Fyke report on health care.


But SMA spokesman Marcus Davies says that rationale doesn’t make sense, and says ridding a community of all of its doctors is not the way to implement the primary health care model.


Davies also says the health region acted “irresponsibly” when it decided to go ahead with its plan without consulting with the doctors first.


Keewatin Yathe officials have not been available for comment.