Do Treaty Rights Extend To Fish Derbies?

Friday, March 18, 2005 at 16:01



A grey area over the rights of treaty fishers in fish derbies is something one conservation officer says he would like to see cleared up soon.


Doug Lucyshyn of Saskatchewan Environment says he doesn’t consider fish derbies to be a proper venue for subsistence fishing.


Lucyshyn says the provincial government knows treaty fishers enter the contests all the time, but the province would really like to see them pay for licences.


The issue has been an outstanding one between the government and some Aboriginal leaders, but essentially remains unresolved.


Lucyshyn says some First Nations fishers believe the issue should be forgotten if they use barbless hooks and toss the fish back, but he doesn’t buy that argument.


Lucyshyn says the issue could come to a head given enough time, but he would rather reach a compromise

with First Nations leaders instead of issuing tickets.