Disabled Rights Advocate Wants Changes

Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 14:52



A Pinehouse resident who suffers from cerebral palsy is in Prince Albert today to discuss a number of concerns he has with the department of Community Resources and Employment — formerly Social Services.


Gary Tinker plans to meet with department representatives and ask them to increase the amount of money it gives to patients for meals who are travelling out-of-town for treatment.


Tinker says disabled residents in the North are hit particularly hard as it is tougher for them to find jobs and they are forced to count every dollar.


Tinker says that amount is hardly enough to buy a meal at McDonalds, let alone anywhere else.


Tinker also wants to address the question of why he is required to submit a copy of his bank statement to the department before he gets any monetary assistance from them.


He claims that is a violation of his rights.