Diabetes Care Discussed At Native Health Summit

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 14:31



Vancouver is playing host to a National Summit on Aboriginal Health today.


Federal Health Minister Tony Clement is holding talks with a number of premiers, provincial health ministers and Aboriginal leaders.


They are discussing possible ways to address the growing health care crisis in Aboriginal communities.


Earlier today, Clement announced funding for pilot projects aimed at delivering timely diabetes care for 10 First Nations communities.


Clement said adults who test positive for diabetes will have an appointment for assessment and education within two months on reserves.


He said those who test positive for early or pre-diabetes will get an education and support program within three months.


Aboriginals who have a normal test result will be retested within one year.


Clement noted the government is working with First Nations to determine the most appropriate locations for the pilot projects.


Meanwhile, a decision to include Native people in the Tory government’s Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has drawn mixed reviews from Assembly of First Nations national chief Phil Fontaine.


Fontaine is glad Aboriginal people will be represented on the partnership’s board of directors, but says they need more than one representative on a board of almost 20 people.


(with files from Broadcast News)