Details Emerge Regarding La Ronge Bottle Ban

Friday, July 22, 2005 at 15:20



A new beer bottle ban that will take effect in La Ronge in September will not be as far-reaching as some might think.


A town official says local residents will still be able to bring beer in glass bottles into La Ronge from outside the community, as long as it isn’t re-sold through a local liquor establishment.


Enforcement of the bottle ban will be handled by the Saskatchewan Liquore and Gaming Authority — not the town or RCMP — and only in licenced liquor outlets.


Authority spokesman David Morris says, under an arrangement between the town and the SLGA, local liquor outlets will no longer be permitted to sell beer in glass bottles at all.


The ban takes effect on September 1st, although local outlets will be permitted to sell the bottled beer they still have in stock after that date.