Demonstration Held At First Nations University

Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 15:01



The Regina campus of the First Nations University of Canada was the scene of a protest yesterday.


Dozens of elders, staff, faculty, students and their supporters staged a sit-in to show their dismay with the recent suspensions of three high-ranking university officials.


Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Vice Chief and university board chair Morley Watson says the institution is undergoing an external review, and no one is accused of doing any wrongdoing.


The protesters are upset that several staff members were told to immediately leave their desks last Thursday, shortly after the suspensions were handed down.


As well, there are reports locks were changed at some offices at the university, and that the campus is the scene of extra security and surveillance.


Some of the protesters say it feels like a form of marshal law has been imposed on them, and are promising future sit-ins and job action until the board’s actions are reversed.