Delegates At Missing Women Event Eager To Share

Monday, August 18, 2008 at 14:12



A woman from Edmonton who works on awareness about prostitution hopes to connect with others to do similar work in Regina.


Danielle Boudreau attended the Missing Indigenous Women Conference in Regina this past weekend.


Boudreau has worked on awareness walks in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.


She closely identifies with the stories of mothers about their missing daughters because it reminds her of her own mother.


Meanwhile, an academic who spoke at the conference says the media needs to play a better role in informing people about missing and murdered Aboriginal women.


Joyce Green is a political science professor at the University of Regina.


She says the media is so controlled by advertisers that it fails to adequately report on such topics.


But Green says a conference like this past weekend’s can bring about change.


The conference wrapped up on Sunday.