Curfew In La Ronge Slowly Becoming Reality

Wednesday, October 15, 2003 at 13:22



The La Ronge RCMP is having discussions with the local band, town and village to implement a workable curfew for the entire community.


The town of La Ronge has had a curfew in place since 1990, but RCMP Corporal Glen Reitlo says it’s been difficult to enforce because the band currently doesn’t have a curfew, and the village of Air Ronge didn’t have one either until just recently.


Air Ronge passed a curfew bylaw a few weeks ago — it calls for youth under the age of 12 to be home by 9 pm, children aged 12 to 14 to be home by 10 pm and youth aged 15 to 17 to be home by 11 pm.


Reitlo says the RCMP will work with social agencies to not only enforce the bylaw, but also get to the root causes behind children being out late at night.


Reitlo says many residents of the town, village and band want to see something done about youth roaming the streets late at night, and he’s hoping both the town and the band can come up with a bylaw that’s similar to the one introduced by the village.