Cumberland House Resident Calls For Secure Road

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 14:34



A woman from the Cumberland House Cree Nation says she thinks road upgrades may be the key to preventing any more flood evacuations in the future.


Lorette Deschambault is just one of the hundreds of Cumberland House band members who were recently forced from their homes due to the threat of a flood.


Deschambault says the situation played havoc with her medical appointments and other important matters.


She understands officials were just being careful with the evacuation, but hopes it doesn’t happen again unless it’s absolutely necessary.


She believes one solution may be to build up the road to the community so that floodwaters can’t threaten it as easily.


Deschambault also hopes the First Nation creates an emergency fund for evacuees who are forced from their homes for a significant period of time.


She says the 20-day stretch of time in Prince Albert was a difficult period for many of the band members who arrived with virtually no money in their pockets.