Cumberland House left off RHA

Friday, February 20, 2009 at 17:16



The mayor of Cumberland House says local residents are upset no one from their community was picked to sit on the local health board.

It was just recently that the government replaced 70 percent of the existing board members in the province with new people.

Mayor Andy Mckay says for some reason Cumberland House was bypassed when the new board for the Kelsey Trail Health Authority were selected.

He worries his community will miss out when decisions are being made and he hopes the province reconsiders.

Mckay says he’s also concerned only one aboriginal person was selected to sit on the board as well.

A director with the ministry of health is defending the way the department picked the new board.

David Smith says they only selected those names that had been submitted to them.

He says the ministry put out ads in all the major newspapers in the province as well as on the government website to let people know they could step forward for consideration.

He says there have similar concerns about the makeup of the RHA boards on the west side of the province as well.