Cumberland House In Desperate Need Of Road Repairs

Friday, June 02, 2006 at 15:07



The Mayor of Cumberland House says he doesn’t think too much of the government’s road-maintenance skills.


Dale McAuley says the road to his community is almost impassable right now, due to huge ruts and a muddy surface.


The Mayor says taxis, personal vehicles and service-vehicles are all having enormous trouble making it to the eastern settlement.


A media report this week also indicated, one child had to be flown out after an ambulance couldn’t reach him.

McAuley says his residents deserve better.


Meanwhile, a government spokesman says crews are beginning to repair the road.


However, Doug Wakabayashi notes a long-term resurfacing project is still a few years off.


He adds crews are hopeful the rain will stay away over the next few days so they can get to work.