Cumberland House Flood Forecast Improving

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 13:58



Saskatchewan’s Public Safety minister says he doesn’t believe the village of Cumberland House will be damaged by flooding.


Peter Prebble made the statement during a noon press conference today in Regina.


However, Prebble says the situation remains grim for the nearby Cumberland House Cree Nation reserve.


He says significant flood damage to houses on other buildings on the reserve remains a definite possibility.


Officials with the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority have lowered flooding projections for the region.


Authority spokesman Malcolm French says they believe the water will be one foot lower than they initially thought when the crest hits after this weekend.


He says crews continue to try and protect as many buildings as they can.


French says the water right now is about two feet higher than it was ten days ago.


However, he says the rise in the river and lakes is still fairly gradual.


The road to Cumberland House still remains open to emergency vehicles.