Cottage Expansion Plan Still On Hold

Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 13:09



It is looking like it could be while longer before the provincial government knows whether or not it will allow the construction of 250 new cabins in the Meadow Lake area.


The province has already gone on record as saying it would like to see more cabins built in Meadow Lake Provincial Park.


Specifically, the government would like to see most of them built on the north shore of the park’s Lac des Isle area.


However, that idea was opposed by the Big Island Lake Cree Nation and the Waterhen Lake First Nation.


Cottage development program manager Gil Happ says the situation is so politically charged right now, his department may have to seek approval from cabinet.


He also says there are environmental questions that have to be answered about how the sewer and water facilities would be handled in that area.


He adds his department will be discussing the matter in more detail at a meeting next week.