Conservatives Target Churchill River Riding

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 at 12:58



The campaign headquarters for the Conservative Party has apparently put the Churchill River constituency on a “high priority” list.


The riding’s Conservative Party candidate says Churchill River is on the party’s so-called “blue list” of top Conservative targets in the coming election.


Jeremy Harrison says that means his party will devote extra resources and attention to his campaign.


Harrison says the riding has captured leader Stephen Harper’s interest — partly because of the second place finish of the Canadian Alliance in the last election and also because it’s the only rural riding in western Canada currently held by the Liberals.


Harrison also claims Harper has been following developments in the northern Saskatchewan riding very closely.


Harrison also believes the Conservatives have the ability to win the riding with a majority of votes, and is not relying on Laliberte to potentially split the vote if he decides to run as an independent.