Congress Elaborates On Endorsement Of Tories

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 15:43



A leader with the Congress of Aborignal Peoples is explaining why his group is backing the Tories in the federal election.


Vice-Chief Patrick Brazeau says the organization’s decision was largely due to the responses it received from the major parties on a congress questionnaire.


Brazeau notes the Liberals were the only party not to answer his group’s questions.


He also says his organization felt the Conservatives had the best approach for the people the congress represents — namely, off-reserve and non-status Aboriginal people.


Brazeau maintains the Congress still doesn’t know how the $5.1 billion committed to Aboriginal groups at the Kelowna meeting will filter down to grassroots Aboriginal citizens.


He adds it’s been a struggle for the Congress to be a full and equal partner in talks with the federal government and the other major national Aboriginal organizations.