Conference Examines Crown-Metis Relationship

Monday, February 06, 2006 at 14:58



Today is the opening day of the first-ever national symposium on Crown-Metis relations.


The two-day gathering in Winnipeg has brought together over 75 selected Metis leaders, lawyers, academics, government officials and experts in the field to discuss the new prominence of Metis rights and self-government in Canada.


The Supreme Court’s Powley decision, emerging Metis litigation and new political developments in Canada will all be discussed at length as they relate to Crown-Metis relations.


Manitoba Metis Federation president David Chartrand will give the keynote address, and will talk about the concept of Metis nationhood.


He will also highlight the importance of the upcoming five-week trial between the Metis and the government of Canada over a land base for Metis in Manitoba.


That trial is set to begin in April and could define Crown-Metis relations for generations.