Community Frustrated With Canada Post Runaround

Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 16:24



A band councillor from the community of Grandmother’s Bay says he’s not impressed with how Canada Post is handling recent requests for postal service.


Leon Charles says the corporation is making it sound like they haven¹t done anything to initiate regular mail-service delivery in the community.


During an interview with MBC yesterday a spokesperson for the Crown Corporation stated that once a written request from an elected official in the community had been received, they would then begin looking at instituting mail delivery for the village.


However Charles says they have already tried that and nothing has happened. Charles states the first letter to the corporation went out in 2001.


Charles also questions why his community would have to fork over cash for a service most villages take for granted.


He adds it was only after a recent board meeting that he and other members approached newly-elected member of parliament Jeremy Harrison to help them in their plight.


Charles says he will continue working on the situation but mentions it is extremely frustrating for all involved.


He estimates there are around 350 people right now who have to get their mail at either Missinipi or La Ronge.