Commission Backs Claims Of Four First Nations

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 14:10



The Indian Land Claims Commission has bolstered the hopes of four Saskatchewan First Nations that are fighting to get their land back.


A lawyer for the Chakastaypaysin, Peter Chapman, James Smith and Cumberland House Cree Nations announced last week that, after five years of study, the commission has determined all the bands are owed land.


Bill Selness says a recent report from the commission also states that both Chakastaypasin and Peter Chapman should be reinstated as First Nations by the federal government.


Selness says the report shows Chakastaypasin is owed over 5,000 acres just south of Prince Albert alone.


For the last several dozen years, Chakastaypasin and Peter Chapman band members have been living on the James Smith Cree Nation in the hopes of getting their reserves returned to them.


Selness says the next move is up to the federal government.