Commercial Fisher Defends Outfitters

Monday, May 31, 2004 at 13:34



The chair of Saskatchewan Co-operative Fisheries Limited is trying to clear up what he feels are vague rumours surrounding outfitters and fishers.


John Carriere says misinformation is commonplace when it comes to issues affecting the two groups, such as the transfer of fishing quotas to tourists.


At last week’s annual fishers’ meeting in Prince Albert, a number of questions were raised about whether or not outfitters have the right to transfer an existing fishers’ catch limit for use by tourists.


Carriere, who is both a fisher and an outfitter, says uncertainties like this are causing friction between the two sides and need to be worked out.


Carriere is also convinced that outfitters aren’t out to ruin the lives of commercial fishers.


He adds his home community of Cumberland House is doing its best to mend relations between fishers and outfitters.