CNSC Defends Accelerated Hearing Process

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 14:30



A nuclear safety official is defending his group’s decision to fast-track an environmental appraisal of Cogema’s proposed expansion at the McClean Lake uranium mine.


On June 29th, a public hearing was held in Ottawa where an environmental screening assessment was presented to the commission.


Among other things, it dealt with the question of whether or not the start of open pit mining at the Sue E site at McClean Lake would significantly affect the environment.


The commission decided it wouldn’t in a verdict that was rendered four weeks faster than usual.


Communications manager Chris Taylor says that was done so Cogema could begin some surface work it needed to see happen before the snow falls.


He adds if the company’s bid for a mining expansion is unsuccessful, it has a plan to reverse the work it does, as well.


The next hearing on the matter is scheduled for August 17th.