Closing Arguments Finish At Dagenais Trial

Monday, March 09, 2009 at 13:40



Closing arguments were given this morning at the trial

of a man accused of killing two RCMP officers.


Curt Dagenais’ lawyer, Bill Roe, spoke first, and recounted much of Dagenais’ testimony.


Dagenais is facing one count attempted murder and two counts first degree murder in the shooting deaths of Constables Robin Cameron and Marc Bourdages.


Roe says Dagenais was acting in self-defense; he says Dagenais was afraid for his life so he shot at the officers whom he says fired upon him first.


The Crown, Al Johnston, says Dagenais’ testimony is a fantasy and fabrication not supported by common sense or the evidence.


He asked the jury to remember the emotional testimony of Constable Michelle Knopp who was the third officer at the gun fight.


She cried on the standing as she described being confused when the first shot hit her windshield and then saw Dagenais with a gun pointed at her.


Tomorrow the jury will be addressed by the judge.


He will finish charging the jury on Wednesday morning and then they will begin deliberating.