Clearwater River Roadblock Into Day 5

Monday, June 25, 2007 at 17:00



A roadblock on Highway 955 near the Axe Lake oil sands discovery project is still up.


Clearwater River Dene Nation Chief Roy Cheecham says his band has yet to hear from the company the blockade is targeting — Oilsands Quest.


Cheecham says all that his people want is to be dealt with fairly, and promises the roadblock will come down once that happens.


In a news released issued on Friday, Oilsands Quest said the blockade was not affecting its operations.


Cheechum says, if that’s the case, he wonders why the company is laying off some band members.


The chief adds his band can also move its blockade farther north, if Oilsands Quest decides to simply fly supplies and personnel in.


He also says the company is wrong when it says the Clearwater River band is trying to take priority over other groups in the area.


The provincial government is continuing to remain silent on the matter.