Choctaw Indian Is Featured Speaker At Conference

Monday, February 20, 2006 at 14:52



A band member from the Choctaw Indians of Mississipi will address a crowd in Saskatoon this week.


Councillor Kevin Edwards will highlight the economic transition his band has gone through in one of the most depressed regions of the United States.


In 1960, the band was living in substandard conditions. However, today they are recognized as an economic power-house employing approximately 8,000.


Verona Thibault is the Director of the Economic Developers Association, the group hosting the session. She says the Choctaw Indians have an amazing story, which can be directly related to the First Nations in Saskatchewan.


The conference begins Wednesday at the Delta Besborough in Saskatoon.


Guest speakers from Toronto and the FSIN will also be in attendance.